Moreschina is an international public relations agency based in Florence, Italy collaborating with luxury, fashion, lifestyle, art and design industry leaders. Moreschina Agency is focused above all on the field of public relations, paying attention to the clients’ vision and brands’ heritage and target, in order to guarantee always the right image and positioning in the market.

Solid press and media relations

With over ten years of experience and strong relationships developed with Italian and international press and media, today we are a public relations agency working with national and international clients mostly in fashion, art and luxury markets. We are interested in both digital and classical media, trying to use every channel at its best always considering that content is king and distribution is queen. Our bespoke level of service combined with cross-sector experience and media relations of great quality gives our clients the edge to deliver their compelling stories to the market through the most effective channels.

Creative, selective, passionate public relations

We pride ourselves on building strong, long-term partnerships with our clients thanks to a passionate, creative and selective approach. Human touch, mind openess, respect and proactive attitude drive us like headlights when we collaborate with our clients and when we talk to the audiences we can reach with by our activities. We believe in PR as a highly effective driver of business growth and an integral component of the marketing mix. As such, we proudly work with our clients as a long-term strategic partner committed to conveying their brand communication.

Memorable events management

Moreschina is based in Florence, surrounded by the artistic and historical beauties and some of Made in Italy most typical core values. At the same time it’s exposed to many international flows of people, ideas, businesses coming to Tuscany from all aver the world. Businessmen, buyers, professionals, designers, creatives, artists, journalists, influencers love their stay in one of the most significative city of the world, creating professional networks and participating to exclusive events taking place in Florence’s amazing locations. Important museums and other cultural institutions, impressive historical buildings and gardens, fashionable hotels, restored old factories represent the ideal setting to meet and do business. In this frame our PR activities are used to oil the gears. Moreschina Agency works on the whole national territory of Italy for international events management, particularly focused on cities such as Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice and Forte dei Marmi.

Strategic brand communication

Our clients’ audience has particular desires and needs, and often, money and price is of little consequence in the decision-making process. Rather, customers of luxury market are looking for a reason why they should pick one product over another. A reason often connected with affirmation of their identities and belonging to a specific social group. We help our clients answer that question not with specifications of their goods, but with a message. When a customer understands why you sell your product and they hold the same beliefs you do, they are more likely to select your product or service over all others on the market. We build day by day our audiences in order to deliver the right person the right message at the right time. In our PR approach we are extremely focused and results-oriented, and we carefully monitor the impact of our activities.