Moreschina Fabbricotti focuses on creating and developing communication and image strategies in order to increase the client’s visibility in the world of fashion, luxury lifestyle, arts and culture. The agency works closely with in-house teams to identify opportunities to innovate the brand presence and to determine immediate and long-term goals. Its expertise is reinforced by influential connections within the industry, in terms of brand partnerships, sponsorships and celebrities endorsements.

Planning and creation of creative communication and global image strategies

Brand positioning (product & retail)


With an in-depth knowledge of the markets and important relationships with prominent figures of the information and institutional world, Moreschina Fabbricotti offers strong ang consolidated relationships with local and national press. The agency offers institutional and product image strategies in order to guarantee strong coverage presence.

Strong and consolidated relationships with press and opinion leaders

Product and institutional communication strategies analysis

Media relations management


From fashion week parties, luxury boutique openings and collection launches, to arts exhibitions openings and fundraising gala dinners, Moreschina Fabbricotti uses a creative approach in producing and organising tailored events based on the client’s vision and target.

Planning tailored events based on brand’s vision, target and positioning

Guests lists managements and follow-up and VIP outreach

Events production, including locations scouting, sponsorship outreach and photography, catering and security services

Media relations in order to secure strong presence on national and international press